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Press Release: The Abominable Gruesome Murder of Prophet Nwoko

                                                                                                                                                                                         4th May 2019

From: Directorate of State Council, Indigenous Peoples of Biafra     

                                          Press Release

The Abominable Gruesome Murder of Prophet Nwoko

To all Biafrans,

This is coming to you from the indigenous peoples of Biafra under the team leadership of Directorate of State Council (IPOB-DOS) headed by Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu. In the pursuit of the sovereignty restoration of our beloved fatherland, a lot has happened that calls for questioning, amongst which is the incessant killings of the Biafra people, not just by the common enemy the Nigeria state, but a case of brother killing brother due to unhealthy rivalry and supremacy attitude of some pro-independence group.   We have carefully followed with very deep concerns, studied and investigated the recent events and of the past several months over Biafra restoration project.

We had looked into the circumstances and detailed reports, threats to lives,  assassination attempts, attacks on our brothers and sisters in this struggle. From all background checks and investigations, it is believed that cases of brothers killing brothers exist. The attacks which nearly buried alive Cosmos George Oto'Obong and his team fingered Radio Biafra London and the IPOB leadership led by Nnamdi Kanu as brains behind the evils.

We haven't forgotten the attacks and threats to the life of the president general of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, Dr Nnia Nwodo leading to arrests of persons linked to Radio Biafra London and IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu. Several disruptions of events organised by our elites including church services which are still on records and viewed as actions detrimental to the tenets of the true freedom we so much desire and stand for over the years.

Prior to the gruesome murder of Prophet Anthony Nwoko, there was evidence of video recordings of his alleged threats to his life by operators of Radio Biafra London and their agents.

It's with the above references made that we condemn in strongest terms, the cowardly murder of the noble Prophet at his Abakpa Nike residence not long ago.

We use this medium to warn that the retrogressive and satanic operations of those masquerading as freedom fighters will never be swept away, There shall be consequences thereof for those responsible in this ungodly act in due time.

To this end, we advise all genuine Biafra agitators to remain steadfast and get ready as IPOB-DOS team leadership as headed by Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu is more determined to ensure that our freedom is achieved in good faith. The Biafra we fight for is a Nation for the people with equal rights and opportunities devoid of any supremacy dreams.


Mr Charles Ogboru

Publicity Secretary of

Indigenous Peoples of Biafra